Seattle man plans to sue bar after bloody attack

SEATTLE - The pictures may be tough to stomach, but they will be a part of the court record. Teeth pointing in opposite directions with wires sticking out are not what Austin Wilkes wanted after going to a Capitol Hill bar.

In court filings, Wilkes' attorney Kevin Sullivan says his client went to Grim's Lounge in late October, and three men came up to him shortly after he showed up.

"He gets jumped and attacked," Sullivan said. The filing said the men knocked Wilkes over and hit him repeatedly. Bouncers intervened but instead of separating the men, Sullivan says that the bouncers simply booted Wilkes and the men outside and the attack continued.

"He was cold-cocked by one of these guys. His jaw was shattered," Sullivan said.

Sullivan says Wilkes needed two surgeries for jaw realignment and had his jaw wired shut for several weeks.

Proof of all of this may be tough to come by. In the filing, Sullivan says surveillance video of the incident was either deleted or does not exist. It could prove who did this and if the bar could have done more to stop it.

"This is just a terrible thing that happened to Austin," Sullivan said.

Grim's had no comment on the incident and did not provide information about the status of any surveillance video.