Seattle is 2nd-worst city for dog attacks on mail carriers

WASHINGTON (AP) - The U.S. Postal Service says Los Angeles was the worst American city for dog attacks on letter carriers last year. Seattle and San Antonio tied for second-worst.

The agency on Wednesday released its city rankings ahead of National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which starts Monday. The Postal Service said nearly 5,900 postal workers were attacked last year, a tiny portion of the 4.7 million Americans bitten by dogs annually.

Los Angeles was the worst with 69 attacks, followed by Seattle and San Antonio with 42 each and Chicago with 41. The city with the least attacks was Wichita, Kan., with 20. Tacoma, Wash., had just 21.

If letter carriers feel threatened by a dog, they can skip delivery to the house and ask the customer to retrieve any mail at the post office instead.