Seattle goes from soggy to 'super soggy'

SEATTLE -- It's not quite time to start building an ark... yet.

After all, Seattle still is another 33 more rainy days away from needing one.

But you might forgive normally waterproof Seattleites from thinking of stocking up on some supplies as the past week has been quite rainy around here -- even by Seattle standards! At this count, there have been five different storms including Thursday's in the past seven days -- one arriving just about every 24 hours or so.

And how wet have those storms been?

Thursday will mark the sixth-consecutive day with at least 1/3 of an inch of rain in Seattle and seventh day in a row of measurable rain in general. Seattle just averages about 4 days in March with more than a quarter-inch of rain - much less string them all in a row and add two for good measure. The city has already nearly the monthly average rainfall total of 3.72" at the half way mark, and is already wetter than December.

In fact, a rain squall that moved through Seattle late Thursday morning dropped more rain in 29 minutes (0.15") than all but four days in December had.

But even on the days at the start of the month when the rain wasn't pouring, it's not like it was amazingly sunny. Every day this month, save for March 7, has had 70% cloud cover or more, with 10 of the 14 days at 90% or more.

Long stretches of rain are not uncommon in the Seattle fall and winter -- our rainy reputation didn't just bloom from Hollywood -- but usually we don't get quite this wet back-to-back-to-back ( Many locals love to toss out the statistic that overall, Seattle gets less annual rainfall than New York, Houston and Miami. We just get it in drips and drizzle. A rainy day might add up a tenth of an inch with a good number of our storms.

But this week, a relentless jet stream has steered juicy storm after storm through the Pacific Northwest -- some even with some lowland snow for good measure to make the week extra memorable. A weather person will toss it up to just meteorological chance, but those who believe in the law of averages can probably point back to the sunny and 60+ degree stretch we had in early February as evidence that we were going to have to pay the piper for that little "spring time" winter anomaly at some point.

So, is the debt paid? Not really. More rain is in store for late Friday into Saturday with showers hanging around over the weekend, although it's possible we'll at least stop the 1/3" of rain or more streak here Friday or Saturday.

It is possible that we could sneak through Monday dry, but it's a brief break as more rain returns for the middle of next week and long range models show another three rain storms sliding through before the end of the month. Still plenty of before you need to make that mad dash to the lumber store, but if you see animals start to hang around in pairs, you'll know the forecast isn't changing much.