Seattle fast-food workers plan citywide boycott over wages

SEATTLE -- Fed up with what they believe are unfair wages, local fast-food workers are planning a rally cry from one end of Seattle to the other on Thursday.

Workers are calling for boycott lines in front of 25 fast food restaurants, calling the effort "Boycott McPoverty."

Burger King, McDonald's and Wendy's are all targets. Organizers cite Seattle's high cost of living as the prime need for a higher minimum wage. They want the minimum wage raised to $15 an hour.

"Fifteen dollars an hour, I really think that it will help the community. I really think that it will help the society and all that, you know," said Junior Jackson.

On Wednesday, one worker said he needs the higher wage "to pay the bills and the rent and everything. It's hard for nine dollars an hour."

But others, such as restaurant customer Charles Delano, see a downside.

"The companies won't be able to pay for it because it'll cut into their profits," Delano said. "So, they'll have to raise the prices on their stuff and what they'll do is cut them down to thirty hours a week and they don't have to give them medical coverage or anything like that."

Organizers plan to boycott during all meal times at various restaurants.