Seattle drugstore doubles down on the beer business

SEATTLE - A recent dabble in the beer-pouring business seems to be paying off for Bartell Drugs as it recently announced plans to open up its second growler station inside its new Greenwood store.

Soon, customers will be able to walk out of the 16,000-square-foot drugstore on North 85th Street with a growler of their favorite brew in hand.

According to the Seattle-based company, its Greenwood location will feature six-rotating regional beers on tap just like its South Lake Union Growler Station that has become popular with neighbors since opening in August. Customers can either purchase a growler in-store or bring their own in for a refill.

Helen Neville, spokeswoman for Bartell Drugs, said looking at the neighbors near the Greenwood store made it easy for them to pick that location to grow their growler business.

"It's just up the street from Chuck's Hop Shop, which is an off the hook success and an indication that neighborhood, not unlike many neighborhoods in Seattle, really appreciates good beer."

The new Greenwood Bartell Drugs is scheduled to open Oct. 13, with a grand-opening celebration set for Oct. 26.

According to the company, it tailored its South Lake Union beer selection to suit the local neighborhood and planned to do the same when it opened another growler station.