Seattle denies permit for Capitol Hill Pride-Bite of Broadway event

FILE -- Capitol Hill Pride Festival (Photo: Seattle Refined)

SEATTLE -- The City of Seattle has denied a permit for the organizers of the Capitol Hill Pride Festival and the Bite of Broadway for their June 24 event, citing violations of city permit rules during an event earlier this month.

City officials said Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore, attempted to set up an unpermitted street festival on June 9-11 and created a situation that resulted in an elderly woman getting hurt.

The city contends the organizers were told three times leading up to the event that street parking reservations and street closures for tables, vendor booths, portable toilets among other event items, were not granted as part of the permits issued for the June 10 and 11 free speech event "in which 4 people participated" the city said.

Instead, the city says the organizers: Erected approximately 60 or more “No Parking” signs along Broadway Avenue without permission, placed approximately eight or more port-a-potties on the Broadway Avenue sidewalk without permission, attempted to close the southbound lanes of Broadway Avenue without permission, allowed event participants to erect tents on the west sidewalk of Broadway Avenue without permission, and erected an unauthorized 12 foot-by-12-foot stage on the west sidewalk of Broadway Avenue without permission.

The city said an 83-year-old woman walking along the sidewalk tripped over a raised cord protector guard, requiring hospitalization.

"Your violation of the June 10, 2017 permit shows your unwillingness and inability to comply with the terms of a Special Events Permit," the city wrote to the organizers in explaining the denial of their permit.

The city says the permit denial will not affect the Seattle Pride Parade on June 25 nor Seattle PrideFest on June 24-25.

The city also says it is eagerly leaving the door open for another organizer to come forward to take over planning of the Capitol Hill Pride Festival "and the city will conduct an expedited permit review process to minimize the impact to the community and businesses."

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