Seattle-based boxer fights her way to recovery

SEATTLE - Jenn Kay Hamann's dream is to box her way to the top, and she won't let a brain cancer get her way.

The 28-year-old Seattle-based boxer was the 2013 US National Boxing Champ, and the same year she was a continental champion in her weight class.

Hamann suffered a concussion in 2014 which prompted a trip to the hospital. During the visit, a brain scan revealed a tumor in Hamann's head that needed to be removed.

Hamann had been training for the 2016 Olympics when she received the news in July. Hamann would have to remain an amateur to make it to the Olympic games, but the tumor wouldn't be so patient.

Within six days an opponent was found, and Hamann had her first, and possibly only, professional boxing bout.

Following the surgery, it was revealed that the tumor in Hamann's head was actually brain cancer.

The unexpected news sparked an idea that spread amongst friends, family, and the boxing community - a fundraising event to coincide with the viewing of Jenn's first professional bout, to help pay her medical bills.

The event is hosted by Arcaro Boxing at 1927 Events on August 22, 2014. Along with the screening of Hamann's first professional bout, a silent auction, music, cocktails and snacks will be available. All proceeds go to pay Hamann's medical bills.

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