Seattle aims for 'Sweet 16th' 70-degree reading in March

SEATTLE - College basketball may be deciding their Final Four Sunday, but for Seattle, we're focused on our own Sweet 16.

Temperatures across Seattle are set to hit 70 degrees this Easter Sunday -- and doing so would only be the 16th time since Sea-Tac Airport opened in 1945 that Seattle has hit 70 degrees in March.

Those south and east of Seattle could be even warmer, reaching into the mid 70s to perhaps even upper 70s again toward Portland.

Sun fans can thank a more-summer-esque thermal trough for bringing a warm east wind to the region, helping to boost temperatures as the air sinks down the Cascade Mountains' slopes, causing additional heating.

And just like in summer, the "heat" won't last long. Cooling marine breezes will energize Sunday night bringing some morning clouds around for Monday with highs closer to 60 than 70.

Dry weather with a morning clouds/afternoon sunshine routine holds through the middle of the week before showers return toward the weekend.

Speaking of showers, this January-to-March period will go down as the sixth driest on record at 8.55 inches. The driest was 5.77 inches in 1985.