Searchers seek missing hiker and her dog in Mount Teneriffe area

Kimberly Haines (Courtesy photo)

MOUNT TENERIFFE, Wash. - Search teams are out looking for a woman in her 40s who hasn't been seen since she went out for a trail run Monday morning.

Her disappearance would have caused concern at any time, but the extreme heat can make it especially dangerous for people in the back country.

"If a person is lost, and they don't have enough water -- if you can get to water, that can save your life," said Deputy Peter Linde of the King County Sheriff's Office

The woman, identified as Kimberly Haines, 40, is described as an experienced hiker. She went out at about 9 a.m. Monday with her dog to the Mount Teneriffe trailhead, said Cindi West of the King County Sheriff's Office. She planned to jog a 15-mile loop.

The woman's family became worried when she did not return by 6 p.m., which is about what time she usually returns home from a run. Family members went to the trailhead but couldn't find her. Her car was there.

Search crews were called in and they worked throughout the night but did not find the missing woman or her dog, West said.

Searchers renewed their efforts Tuesday.

Sheriff John Urquhart said rescue crews are "just concerned about what happened to her. We've searched all the trails. We've had Guardian One (the Sheriff's Office's helicopter) up here - she had a dog with her and we are wondering if maybe she went off trail to find water for the dog."

West said Haines is an experienced hiker, but that she had never hiked the Mount Teneriffe trail before.

The weather is presenting challenges. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are common challenges for hikers who are not prepared.

"If it's in the triple digits, stay out of the mountains if you are not prepared," advised Alan Labissoniere of King County Search and Rescue.

The weather can be especially dangerous for dogs, So experts say hikers should leave them at home in this hot weather.

Crew will continue to search for Haines by ground, using ATVs, dogs and even horse teams on Wednesday.

"We want to find her immediately," Labissoniere said.

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