Searchers find missing woman's body in Vancouver

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- Searchers found the body of a woman who had been missing for more than three weeks, the Clark County Sheriff's Office said.

Beverly J. Goheen disappeared in the early morning hours of April 29 after she left the Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center in Vancouver. Family and friends were looking for clues to Goheen's disappearance, but ended up finding her remains on Saturday near the place where she was last seen, according to sheriff's deputies.

Friends and family handed out fliers with her picture on it and created a web page and a Facebook page to try to help find her.

They posted on the Facebook page that they were organizing an event on Saturday to search for clues, like a backpack or cellphone that could help lead them to Goheen.

Later on Saturday, an update was posted on the page.

"Sad news to report... Beverly Goheen has been found, but not the way we all hoped. Prayers please!!!" the post read.

Dozens of people posted comments on the page, as well as on Goheen's own Facebook page, in support of the family, including Goheen's young son.

"Prayers to her family and especially that sweet little boy," read one post.

"I am in shock. I love you Beverly Goheen - feeling devastated," read another post.

"I'm glad they found you friend...I hope you have found peace..." read another.

The sheriff's office said detectives do not yet know how Goheen died, but they do not think it is a result of foul play.