Search warrants offer most detailed account yet of Oregon HS shooting

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Newly released search warrant documents offer the most detailed account yet of the June 10 Reynolds High School Shooting, revealing where Jared Padgett got the semi-automatic rifle he used in the attack, the other weapons stored at his house and a first-hand account of his strange behavior just minutes before the gunfire inside the school gym.

Austin Trichos, 15, a freshman who said he was friends with Padgett and walked with him to school daily, told police that Padgett acted like he didn't hear him when he said hello, but kept walking toward the school gym building. That's when Trichos said he noticed something strange about the guitar case slung across Padgett's back, according to the search warrants released Thursday morning.

"He said he spoke to (Padgett) in a medium-loud voice from a distance of 5-10 feet and (Padgett) did not respond to him. Mr. Trichos said he noticed that whatever was in the guitar (case) was probably not a guitar based on the heavy weight of the items and the odd weight displacement. Mr. Trichos lost sight sight of Mr. Jared Padgett. Mr. Trichos said he often hears (Padgett) speak of owning and shooting guns, to include an AR-15 rifle," documents said.

Dispatchers received their first 911 call at 8:07 a.m., about "multiple shots fired in the boys locker room and one person was down blood (was) everywhere."

Police said Padgett killed freshman Emilio Hoffman, before killing himself.

The documents also traced the gun used by Padgett the day of the shooting to his older brother, Lucas Padgett. Lucas shared a room with Jared and was in the U.S. Army Reserves. Lucas Padgett told investigators he owns an M4 AR-15, which fires .223-caliber rounds, the same found at the scene of the shooting, documents said.

Lucas Padgett said the rifle was stored in their bedroom, but after the shooting, he returned home to find that the rifle was gone. Troutdale Police Chief Scott Anderson said that the AR-15 had been kept in a secured area, but that Jared was able to bypass the security.

Police said the bag Jared carried with him into the school also belonged to Lucas from his active duty days. The bag may have held extra magazines for the weapon - numerous fully loaded clips were found near Jared's body. Both the bag and the guitar case are seen in a picture taken that morning included in the search warrant documents.

The documents turned over to the On Your Side Investigators also show police found several more weapons during their sweep of Padgett's home, and confiscated some of the teen's personal belongings as potential evidence.

Two items believed to belong to Padgett, a journal and backpack, were labeled Operation Military Kids, documents said. An online search by KATU discovered links to an Operation Military Kids program, "the U.S. Army's collaborative effort with America's communities to support children and youth impacted by deployment." The outreach program includes a "Hero Pack" filled with mementos and items designed to help kids connect with their deployed relatives.

An OMK hero backpack was found in a dumpster behind the Padgett family home. The journal was found on a bed inside. The police search also identified or seized:

  • A Stevens-Savage Model 311 shotgun (gauge not disclosed) under a bed.
  • A Winchester Model 70 rifle under a bed.
  • A .22-caliber Marlin rifle under a bed.
  • Another .22 Marlin rifle in a closet.
  • A .22-caliber Heritage revolver in a closet.
  • A Daisy pellet gun in a closet.
  • A Benchmade knife in a closet
  • Multiple knives of various makes under a bunk bed.
  • A sword in a closet.
  • Various boxes of ammunition in two closets.
  • Two military-style ammunition containers in a closet.
  • A Pelican gun case fitted for an AR-15 in front of the TV.
  • A second Pelican case "with magazines" in a closet.
  • Several computers and digital devices, including a PC, laptop, tablet and cellphones.
  • Several digital storage devices, including flash drives and hard drives.
  • An Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gaming consoles.
  • Drawings found under a bed.

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