Seahawks fans taking team pride to their rides

SEATTLE -- Car owners have found a new way to show their Seahawk pride on their rides."I've never been to a Seahawks game," said J. DeBruler, who owns a Porsche that's now plastered in Hawk neon green and with a number 12 you can see a street away. DeBruler is a fan who watches games from home, but he's met several players at work. He runs a detailing shop in Bellevue called Accutint where he says athletes have come to get their windows tinted or cars wrapped. "We've been trying to talk J. into wrapping his car for awhile," said his technician Seth.DeBruler's silver Porsche now draws doubletakes at every corner. "The first day I drove downtown, kinda slung behind the steering wheel," DeBruler said.He was initially very sensitive about how garish his car might look, but that all changed when he started getting high fives and thumbs up.Now he's loud and proud in his Porsche, letting people pop off pictures and pose by his car.Quinton Steckler was also bit by the Hawk bug. His blue Volkswagon is wrapped with a Seahawk and is a favorite on the streets of Tacoma. Steckler is swarmed by lookie-loos angling to get the best picture. "I have to be a defensive driver cause people are jockeying around to get the right shot," he said.He gets plenty of peace signs for admirers. "You can't drive this car down the road without smiling," he said.DeBruler says he even took a ticket for the team. He drove a little too fast traveling to stadiums from San Diego to Denver. "What a way to show the rest of the country, Hey Seahawks are here, they're coming out in spades, they're gonna win," he said.