Seahawks aim to slow Manning in Super Bowl

There's nothing the Seahawks and 12th Man want more than a Super Bowl championship on February 2nd, but they'll have to slow down a future Hall of Famer to make that happen.

Of course, I'm talking about Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

"This is thrilling to have a chance to against the best guy that's ever played," said Pete Carroll. "It's a cool challenge."

You'd think Manning would slow down at 37-years-old, but it's just the opposite -- he's getting even better.

"I think he's a true competitor," said safety Kam Chancellor. "He's a guy who's going to go out there every week and give you his all."

I think it's safe to say Manning gave it his all this year. He passed for 5,477 yards and 55 touchdowns -- both are NFL single-season records.

Success isn't new to Manning. This is his third Super Bowl appearance. He won the whole thing with the Colts in 2007, and was even named the Super Bowl XLI MVP.

"In terms of his game, I try to emulate a lot that he does," said Russell Wilson. "He can make the throws and all that, but his knowledge separates him from everybody else."

Manning is so smart that he doesn't really need a coach, because he makes his own calls on the field.

"It's as if he's an offensive coordinator out there," said cornerback Richard Sherman. "He finds so many different ways to attack you. Once he finds a crack in the armor, he continues to nick at it until it's a hole."

That's why the Broncos boast the top offense in the league. In the end, those rankings are just statistics. Earl Thomas says you don't need to make it more complicated than it is.

"When a receiver catches the ball, you've got to tackle him immediately," Thomas said. "When we have our chance to put pressure in front of him, we've got to get to him. We need to frustrate him. With that, I think we'll be okay."

There's the old sports saying: To be the best, you have to beat the best. Well, Peyton Manning is the best. All the Seahawks have to do now is win.