Seahawks '12th Man' fever grips Seattle ahead of playoff game

SEATTLE - If you're anywhere in Western Washington, you simply can't escape the excitement heading into Sunday's playoff game pitting the Seahawks against the Atlanta Falcons.

The team's secret weapon - the 12th Man - has shown up everywhere from the Seattle Art Museum's Hammering Man to the Governor's Mansion in Olympia.

The "12" flag has been planted from the top of the Space Needle and downtown buildings to the Boeing plant and even on buildings that aren't finished yet.

The Newport High School marching band got up Friday in the icy pre-dawn hours to make a giant 12 on the football field.

"Pretty excited to support the Seahawks," yelled one student.

"SEAHAWKS!!!" shouted the rest of the band

On Tuesday diehard Seahawks fans stood in long lines for the chance to win a trip to Atlanta for the big game.

"I'll do anything. I'll do anything. I will walk to Atlanta if I have to," said one fan.

Our own governor has thrown down a bet with Georgia's governor on Sunday's game. If we lose, we give up a box of Washington apples. But she's expecting the 'Hawks to bring home a box of Georgia peaches.

And the 12th Man has been putting its money were its mouth is. Good luck finding a Russell Wilson jersey at the team store ... sold out.

As the team bus left on Friday, fans were there screaming - and shivering - to send the Seahawks off.

"It was so amazing - I lost my voice," said one.

"We drove all the way from Tacoma down here; we had to come out here," said another.

As the game gets closer, Hammering Man is projecting a victory for the 12th Man - with a huge No. 12 emblazoned across his mighty chest.

Seattle's mayor also has a friendly bet with his counterpart in the south - a Seahawks win will mean Seattle's city flag will fly over City Hall in Atlanta.