Sea-Tac travelers forced to rebook after plane crashes at SFO

SEATTLE -- Joanne Fox of San Francisco and her husband were headed to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport when their daughter called and told them about the crash landing of a Boeing 777 that was flying into San Francisco International Airport from South Korea.

Two people on the Asiana flight were killed and at least more than 10 were injured, closing runways at the San Francisco airport for most of Saturday afternoon. The runways have reopened and no other flight diversions are expected to Sea-Tac.

"It's awful to see anything like that. Just awful," Fox said.

Immediately, the couple rebooked their flight.

"I just did it on my phone as soon as I heard and we got Southwest business class to Oakland," Michael Fox said.

Three domestic flights to San Francisco from Sea-Tac were canceled Saturday, said Port of Seattle spokesperson Perry Cooper. Others were delayed.

Six international flights were diverted to Sea-Tac because of the San Francisco plane crash, Cooper said.

Even Amtrak out of Seattle was full on Saturday.

"I would have loved to have been able to get to Oakland but I couldn't," Lauren Bethards of San Francisco said.

Instead, Bethards ended up on a flight to San Jose.

Originally she wasn't supposed to leave Seattle until 9 p.m but she rushed to the airport after her son called.

"My kids are worried. I had my children calling me to tell me about the plane crash so i'm just hoping they're not worried," Bethards said.

Alaska Airlines spokeswoman Bobbie Egan said the airline diverted as many of its flights to nearby Bay Area airports as it could such as Oakland, San Jose and Sacramento.

Alaska operates 34 flights out of San Fransisco International a day, she said.

For other travelers, it was still unclear how they might get home.

"We're now considering if we want to get back by Monday we might drive back - it's going to be cheaper than the $1,200 bucks for a flight for my family," Theo Mitchell said.

Sue Boyer was trying to get a connecting flight to Los Angeles.

She learned about the crash during a layover at Sea-Tac.

"I've been hold on probably 30 minutes now...cut off before trying to get back to D.C. after being in Alaska for two weeks," Boyer said. "Our prayers go out to the families that lost somebody in the crash. If we need to stay here for another day or two to figure this out that's OK."

Others here also shared a similar sentiment for the victims and prayed their own travels would be OK.

"We forget that that can happen it's a reminder always cross your fingers," Fox said.

Passengers should check airlines for departure or arrival information for the latest updateshere..