School shooting drill a real eye-opener for students

EATONVILLE, Wash. -- Middle school students got an eye-opening experience Tuesday as during a drill, they were rushed by an "active shooter."

It might have been practice, but the kids said it was all too real.

The drill featured an angry person who walks into a school, armed. Eatonville Middle School and its students and staff are in the gunman's sites.

The report is the gunman is looking for the vice principal in the B-wing, but instead students become the victims.

"The shooter, he was like running down and trying to open all of the doors," said eighth grader Taylor Holland.

Taylor found herself in the line of fire and was one of the many "victims."

"I probably would have been scared out of my mind if this was real," she said.

In this case, 10 students lost their lives before the gunman was tackled by other students and arrested. Several other students were wounded and needed immediate attention.

But if that drill wasn't enough, right in the middle of all this they get word that students have been "taken hostage" on board a school bus.

"Bus driver just called on her emergency code saying 'need help' and somebody took over the radio and said they've been hurt and more will be hurt," the drill dispatcher relayed to police.

This incident is several blocks away behind the high school with 10 students on board. It means everyone dealing with the middle school shooter now have to deal with a hijacking too.

But wait, there's more: Back at the middle school, there's word that the safe escape route meant for the students has a suspicious person in hiding. More drilling SWAT teams members arrive by helicopter and find two roadside bombs along that path.

It's all meant to test the first responders, and the kids.

"I think I feel a lot better about it if it does happen," Taylor said. "We will know how to react."

The drill was mostly paid for with grants from federal homeland security.