Salvation Army giving gift of Christmas to families in need

RENTON, Wash. -- The holiday season is here, and many local families struggling through financial hardship are being forced to chose between paying bills and giving their kids a proper Christmas.

Dozens of desperate moms living on the financial edge have turned to the Salvation Army to help save their kids from a Christmas without toys.

For those families who qualify for holiday aid, which is based on income and proof of residency, the Salvation Army will give them food and toys for Christmas.

Sharon Swadener is a single mom of four who stays home to care for her youngest daughter, who doctors didn't expect to survive.

"The doctors said one thing and God said another," Swadener said.

She said her family is on the verge of eviction and she can't afford rent, let alone Christmas presents for her kids.

"It would be tough to wake up Christmas morning without much to open, so this will be good," she said.

At the Salvation Army, Swadener's story is not uncommon.

A woman named Paula and her four children are also in need of extra help this year.

Paula said her kids were about to get a rough lesson in reality before the Salvation Army stepped in to sponsor her family with a food card, a holiday basket and toys.

"We were going to go to grandma's and what they got from grandma was it. I can't afford to get them anything," she said. "Because of kind people in better positions helping us, that's why we're having a Christmas this year."

You can help too by donating to the Salvation Army