Rock crashes through window, hits breastfeeding mother

SEATTLE -- Antonia Santiago-Cervantas was breastfeeding her 5-month-old baby late Monday night when a large rock came crashing into her Seattle apartment window.

The incident did not harm the baby, but left the child's mother shaken and badly bruised.

"When the rock hit it felt like a gun," said Antonia's daughter, Juana Barrios-Cervantes. "And then my dad checked to see if the man is still there, but he ran. My dad just saw a little piece of them. All the glass was all in the floor in the bed even in the crib."

The sixth grader says her family doesn't feel like they were specifically targeted, but they don't understand why someone would do such a thing.

"It made us feel like, how can they do this to us?" she said.

The Cervantes family has moved to another apartment while police investigate. Anyone with any information about the case is asked to call police.