Retiree decides to put his green thumb to use - growing pot

WASHOUGAL, Wash. - Jerry Rausch is 79 years old and works part-time at his son's custom door shop. And now this retired Clark County native is looking to start up a new career - one that involves marijuana.

Rausch already grows vegetables for the salads he and his wife love, but now he wants to plant a cash crop, and he's already got it all planned out.

He developed a green thumb while tending to his mother's garden during the Great Depression. It's a hobby he still puts to use 65 years later. But why is he going from carrots, peas and beans to marijuana? That's not hard to figure out - there's money in it.

"I think it's more profitable," he said. "You see all these busts - the guys got thousands in their pocket. They are living high. It don't look like to me they work too hard."

Rausch admits he has never smoked the stuff, although he has tried a few 'pot pastries' to help with his fibromyalgia. "I've tried a couple of cookies," he said. "It kind of gives you a thrill."

Rausch wants to start growing so he can earn some travel money and go fishing with some old buddies in Alaska. He has it all planned out, but worries that the hardest part will be getting permission from the real head of the household - his wife. He said he's gotten mixed emotions from his family.

"Some of them think I am nuts," he said. "Maybe I am."

But he's going to apply for a license in a few weeks and hopes he'll soon have a new job for his trusty old tractor. In case you're wondering, He does meet all of the requirements to secure a grower's license.