Residents demand somebody clean up the 'neighborhood dump'

SEATTLE -- Concern about rodents, suspicious characters and just plain ugliness.

Residents in Seattle's Georgetown neighborhood are exasperated by what some are calling the neighborhood dump.

"It's disgusting. It's overflowing with junk. Just about the most hideous thing I've seen," said one neighbor who did not want her name used.

She is referring to an old home on the 6400 block of Carleton Avenue South, where they say somebody moved into the boarded up, vacant residence over the Fourth of July weekend and started discarding mounds of junk and garbage in the yard.

Neighbors say they've called the police several times to report problems at the home, and are concerned the current occupant or occupants are living there illegally. They say they've seen what may be squatters coming and going, and have witnessed one serious domestic violence assault.

Residents have also filed a complaint with the Department of Planning and Development, asking the city to address concerns about the mounds of junk, the possibility there's no water or electricity, and possible unlawful home occupancy.

A city spokesperson says that complaint's been received and an inspector will likely visit the property in the next 48 hour.

The city will determine whether the home is occupied. If it's deemed vacant, city workers will lock or board up the house on behalf of the lender.

A man who spoke from the other side of the door said he is the grandson of the owners who passed away. He said he's sorry for upsetting his neighbors and will clean up the mess.

Neighbors who have spoken to the man say he claims the bank owns the home now and he's trying to clean it out.

Some residents say they have felt intimidated trying to communicate with the mystery occupant.

"I don't know if I'm walking by on the sidewalk with my three-year-old, like, what's going to happen," says John Persak. "Is it just a regular house like one of my other neighbors, or is this person going to come out and threaten me because I'm talking to you guys or I've called the authorities."