Resident knocks out armed suspect during robbery in Portland home

PORTLAND, Ore. - Police say a man knocked out a shotgun-wielding robbery suspect who broke into his home in North Portland Monday night.

Portland police said the suspect, 38-year-old Joshua McCoy, kicked down the front door of a home in the 10300 block of North Tyler Avenue just after 5 p.m. Monday. He was armed with a pistol-grip shotgun and demanded money, according to police. Devin Vaughn lives there with his mother. He says he was upstairs when he heard his mom scream.

"I came downstairs and he started running up the stairs with the shotgun at me in my face," said Vaughn. "It was just instinct. I grabbed it and hit him at the same time, then we kind of both fell, tripping down the stairs."

Vaughn said the suspect fell back and hit his head on the door knob then slammed into a nearby wall before falling down unconscious.

"He fell flat," said Vaughn. "He didn't stumble or anything. It was just flat back and he just hit his head. I'm kind of grabbing the gun and thinking we're still fighting and I look back and he's just passed out."

Police say Vaughn and his mother's boyfriend kept watch over McCoy until officers arrived.

Vaughn told police that no one in the home knows McCoy. Police don't know why the home was targeted. Vaughn told KATU that he recently sold a car. He believes someone may have been trying to steal the money he got from the sale.

McCoy was taken to a hospital for his injuries, then to the Multnomah County Jail. He faces burglary and robbery charges.

Detectives are asking anyone with information to contact Detective Brett Hawkinson at 503-823-1080.