'Representative Beefcake' juggles politics, show business

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- It sounded downright scandalous when news broke that pictures of a topless politician had surfaced online, but state Rep. Mike Hope is not only talking about the topless, greased-up photos, he says he actually posted them himself.

This is a tale of two representatives, but just one man. Mike Hope is half lawmaker and half aspiring actor.

"I'm just having fun with it," Hope said.

Even on the Capitol campus, there's the occasional glimpse of his movie side. When the legislature is in session, Hope champions health and public safety. When the session ends, he turns into Representative Beefcake.

Hope, R-Lake Stevens, arranged for the topless and oiled up photo shoot and posted the 15 shots on IMDb, an online movie database.

"I knew it wasn't going to hurt us politically or anything like that," Hope said of the photos.

Hope is starring in a soon-to-be released low-budget film called "Vampire Soul." He plays a cop in the movie, which isn't a stretch. Hope is also a Seattle police officer in real life.

"We have more people looking at the website," he said. "The more people that look at it, the more roles I'll get in the future, so I'm excited about that."

Hope said he fell into acting after meeting movie executives while working on legislation to incentivize movie making in Washington.

"I know some of our Republican caucus have played them at different events, making fun of them, and I'm good with that too," Hope said.

He welcomes the ribbing, because he thinks the photos send the message that eating right and working out gets results.

"It's all about making yourself a better person," he said.

Hope said no one has asked him to remove the photos.