Redmond man pleads not guilty to stabbing teen girl

SEATTLE -- A Redmond man accused of stabbing teenage girl last month entered a not guilty plea to first degree murder Wednesday.

According to court documents, 25-year-old Daniel Haggart sent a series of text messages to his girlfriend last month, threatening to stab the next person he saw. At the same time, Cara Neil walked by outside Soulfood Books on Redmond Way.

That's when prosecutors say Haggart stabbed Neil. She was rushed to the hospital, but later died.

"My husband and I are just very sad and mourning the grief, mourning our daughter," Vicky Neil said just before court began.

Now, less than a month later, Neil's parents continue to try and make sense of their daughters death. It's hard for them to believe their little girl is really gone.

"She was able to donate I think four of her major organs so that spirit lives on," William Neil said.

Haggart remains in jail on $1 million bond. His next court date is Aug. 20.