Redmond man hit by car says intersection is unsafe

REDMOND, Wash. -- Alex Johnson knows how lucky he is to be talking the day after a bad accident.

"The biggest injury was to my head," Johnson said of being hit by a vehicle and thrown 15 feet in the air. "I turned and all of a sudden it was just there."

Shockingly, his injuries are minor.

"I remember laying in the street and thinking, 'Gosh, I hope no other cars hit me,'" he said.

The Redmond crosswalk where he was hit is heavily used and happens to be next to where Johnson works.

"That particular intersection seems to be a very dangerous intersection," he said.

On a normal day, witnesses say they have no trouble catching cars speeding through the intersection. The crosswalk sits in the middle of a shopping area and there are no flashing lights and just two signs to let drivers know someone may be crossing the street.

"A lot of cars don't stop for me at all," Johnson said.

His bad experience is one that he doesn't want others to suffer through. He's pleading with the City of Redmond to do something about it.

"To make sure there's some attention brought to that crosswalk, so hopefully incidents like what happened to me will not happen to other people," Johnson said.

In a written statement, the City of Redmond responded by saying, "The City of Redmond Traffic Operations, Safety and Engineering Division have been notified of the traffic incident from the Police Department and will conduct an investigation of the accident site. Until the investigation is completed there are no further updates."

The driver was not impaired but was ticketed.