Redmond loses its downtown post office

REDMOND, Wash. - The downtown post office in the city of Redmond was officially closed for good on Saturday, and many postal customers aren't too happy.

The site was sold about a year ago and the post office will now be moved to another location in Redmond, about two miles away.

Customer Bruce Juntti says the downtown location was handy for her to mail DVDs to Netflix.

"This is close to our home," says another customer.

It was the box that everyone seemed to count on for so many years. And now it's gone.

"It's perfectly located for all kinds of customers," says David Yao, vice president of the American Postal Workers Union.

It is now out of the neighborhood.

"Taking a post office out of a community is not a good thing," says one disgruntled customer.

"I told the clerk in there to tell the postmaster that we are not happy about the whole thing," says Juntti.

"It's just not convenient," says one customer.

"As postal workers we are concerned about how well we can serve, and keeping them happy," says Yao.

The new post office will reopen on Monday on the outskirts of town at a postal distribution center on 185th Avenue NE - about two miles away.

"People who are there will probably be happy," says one customer.

"It's not as convenient. We understand and apologize for that," says U.S. Postal Service spokesperson Ernie Swanson.

He says the closure all goes back to the Postal Service's poor financial situation.

"We're losing money right and left," he says.

He says closures are happening all over the country, not just in Redmond, as post offices fight for their survival.

U.S. Postal Service officials say no jobs were lost as a result of this downtown post office closure - employees were moved to the new location..