Reckless driver sparks road rage mayhem on I-5 in Lewis County

Wash. State Patrol photo shows the family car that rolled over during the crash.

CHEHALIS, Wash. - Three vehicles crashed Monday morning along Interstate 5 in Lewis County during a road rage incident sparked by a reckless driver who tried to pass traffic on the center median, the Washington State Patrol reports.

State troopers and medics responded to the scene, about 12 miles south of Chehalis, at about 8:55 a.m. after receiving reports of multiple crashes in the vicinity.

One passenger car was found rolled over at the scene and another was leaning against the barrier. A pickup also was damaged in the crash.

A preliminary investigation found that the crashes were sparked by a reckless driver who was weaving in and out of southbound traffic after some kind of road rage incident.

The reckless driver then tried to pass other vehicles using the center median, lost control on the loose gravel and finally came to a stop leaning up against the concrete jersey barrier.

As traffic slowed for the crash, a pickup approaching the scene rear-ended a passenger car with such force that the car rolled over. A family of four - two parents and two children - was inside the car. They reportedly suffred minor injuries.

The conditions of the reckless driver and the pickup driver were not immediately available.

Trooper Will Finn called the series of crashes a "very scary situation" for those involved.

Lanes are blocked at the scene as emergency personnel respond to the crash, but traffic is still getting by, Finn said.

The reckless driver faces possible multiple charges, he said.

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