Rapist's victims meet, see him sentenced to 30-plus years in prison

SEATTLE -- A local woman - the victim of a brutal kidnapping and rape - finally found some closure Friday as her attacker was sentenced to 30 years to life.

Nancy Faliski faced John Alan Carter in King County Superior Court and found solace in meeting another of his victims from decades ago--Cathy Porter.

On Friday, the two women met with a long embraced and then shed tears.

"We've never met, Faliski said. "It was awesome. We hugged each other and cried it was amazing,"

Both women were victims of Carter, who was sentenced for first-degree rape and second-degree kidnapping in an attack on Faliski back in July 2010.

In 1979, Carter was convicted of a similar attack on Porter in which he bound and gagged her before raping her multiple times in Oregon.

Before the judge handed down Carter's sentence, Faliski confronted her attacker.

"Guess what: I'm still alive and I'm victorious," she said.

But Carter, who is his mid-50s, had no reaction -- no emotion. He refused to address the court before Judge Mariane Spearman delivered the 30 years to life sentence.

"The judge gave him 30 years to life and I honestly don't think he'll live that long," Faliski said.

Faliski's ordeal began when she agreed to take Carter to the Covington home where he'd been house-sitting. She said she met him a few months earlier at a support group and had given rides to him before.

But this time, she said, he enticed her inside the house and attacked, with a sudden, vicious punch.

She said Carter punched and strangled her, but she fought back.

"And that's when the knife came out, and... at that point I thought I had to cooperate or I really would die," she said.

He threatened to kill her with the knife and put duct tape over her mouth and nose and said, "I ought to watch you die now b--ch."

She said Carter tied her up and gagged her, and sexually brutalized her for more than two hours.

Carter later forced her to drive to an ATM at a Renton 7-Eleven store and withdraw money from her account, police said, but she refused to get back in the car and Carter drove off.

He was captured in Florence, Ore. a couple weeks later after being spotted by police.

At the time of the rape, Carter was under supervision by the state Department of Corrections after being released from prison for an attack in 2007. In that case, police said, he approached a woman in the Southcenter Mall parking lot and held a knife to her throat. He told her not to scream or she would be "hurt." The victim screamed anyway and she was cut by Carter before he ran off, police said.

For Faliski and Porter, the horrific attacks may be over 30 years apart, but their bond of survival is what ties them together now.

"We don't want any more victims and I'm so glad he's going to be locked up for at least 30 years," Porter said.