Rape case against former Microsoft manager dismissed

SEATTLE -- King County prosecutors have dismissed a rape case against a former Microsoft program manager accused of sexually assaulting a cleaning worker on the corporation's Redmond campus.

Vineet Kumar Srivastava had been accused of raping a cleaning worker after luring her into his office last July. Srivastava, 37, was alleged to have told police that the woman forced him to have sex with her.

Srivastava was arrested last July 26 at his office and proceeded to claim he was the actual victim.

According to charging papers, Srivastava told detectives the woman demanded that he have sex with her on the night in question.

Claiming he was afraid of the woman, Srivastava allegedly said he went to his car to retrieve a condom and then, inexplicably, returned to have sex with her. Writing the court, the detective said Srivastava claimed he drove home wearing the condom before throwing it away at his Redmond home.

Prosecutors originally charged Srivastava with second-degree rape, but the charge was dismissed on Thursday. According to the dismissal order, the charge was tossed out because of "evidentiary considerations not known at the time of filing and in the interest of justice."