Rain-triggered flooding closes Seattle private school

SEATTLE - Students at Seattle's Fairview Christian School are sleeping in Wednesday morning after flooding washed out the first day of school.

Crews are rushing to clean up the mess, caused by Tuesday night's heavy rainfall, but they're now learning that water isn't the only problem. A sign posted at the entryway says says the school is not only closed - it's now a health hazard.

The flooding created a muddy mess - especially in the gym.

Many parents were actually at the school attending an orientation when the flooding started. A parent told staff members that water was coming out of the toilets.

They were soon dealing with a waterfall in the building - everything connected to a drain was overflowing. And it all happened in a matter of minutes.

"When it rains hard in Seattle, we've had this happen in the past but not to this extent," said Sharilee West, the school principal. "It's all come up in the drains, but we've never had any kind of damage like this before."

Nearby rain gauges showed about 1/3 of an inch of rain fell in a short time during Tuesday evening's down burst.

So, there is no school today for the approximately 100 student in the 8th grade and younger who are enrolled here. The school is updating parents on their Facebook page.

So far there is no word on whether school will be open by Thursday.

But many parents are saying how glad they are that people were at the school when this happened because it would have been even worse to wake up to Wednesday morning without warning.