Rabid bat found at Madison Park playground

SEATTLE --- For the second time this summer, a rabid bat was found at Seattle's Madison Park, King County Health officials said.

The bat was discovered Saturday at the park located at E. Madison St. and E. Howe St by a park visitor as it clung to the bottom of a tree on the playground. Park grounds crew taped off the area and called animal control.

Health officials warn that anyone who touched or had contact with the bat or its saliva could be at risk to develop rabies, which is almost always fatal once symptoms begin. Officials say rabies can be prevented if treatment is given before symptoms appear.

If you, your child or pet came in contact with a bat at the park, you're urged to call the health department at (206) 296-4774 to get information about preventive treatment.

"This bat was from a different, more solitary species than the rabid bat found at Madison Park beach earlier this summer," said Dr. Meagan Kay, veterinarian and medical epidemiologist with the health department. "This tells us that the two cases were an unusual coincidence, not suggestive of an outbreak among local bat colonies."

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