Quilters for Oso: 'I think a quilt is like a big warm hug

BOTHELL, Wash. - Quilters sew out of sadness and to celebrate milestones, so when the deadly mudslide struck Arlington, Darrington, and Oso, a group of women in Bothell started stitching.

The quilters work at Martingale and Company, a publisher that specializes in books on knitting, sewing, and quilting. When they decided to make a quilt to raise money for mudslide survivors, managing editor Karen Soltys remembered a pattern page from one of the 1,300 books they've published over 30 years.

Soltys said, "Oso, Oso, we have a quilt in a book named Oso."

The employees have already donated nearly 2 dozen quilts to the cause before beginning to make the queen-size quilt together.

"We are not able to go trudging through the mud to help find victims, there are people more skilled to do that. This is something that we know how to do," said Martingale and Company's Director of Sales and Marketing Karen Johnson.

The queen-size quilt will be auctioned off April 27th, in Arlington, at Nature's Connection Place. The proceeds will go to mudslide survivors.

"I think a quilt is like a big warm hug," said new employee and quilter Jennifer Keltner. "It's like giving somebody a hug if you can't be there to help them feel better. They can wrap it around themselves and find comfort in that."