Quick-thinking father and son put out Baker Lake forest fire

CONCRETE, Wash. -- A recent fishing trip turned into an experience a father and son from Concrete will never forget.

Tony Holt and his son, Anthony, headed up to Baker Lake for a fishing trip last Thursday night as a way to spent some time together.

"We were just kind of sitting there in the dark talking and reconnecting," Tony said.

They settled down into the night darkness with nothing but the stars in the sky and a glow on the other side of the lake.

"Across the lake we could see this flicker of a campfire," Tony said. "Then pretty soon it was like, 'Woah, that's a forest fire.'"

The pair rushed their boat to the shoreline and snapped a few photos as the fire grew. Looking for some way to put the fire out, they turned their motor into a hose.

"We just cracked the throttle on the boat and it just shot this water at a high pressure up into the woods there," Tony said.

Tony is a Department of Natural Resources operator, but he had never been on the front lines of a fire like he was on Thursday.

The father and son duo fought the flames and smoldering ashes for five long hours. The fire torched a cedar tree, but the rest of the forest was spared.

Tony said it could have been much worse had they not been there, and both are glad they were.

"The next day Anthony, he had such a big smile on his face," Tony said. "He's 26-years old, but he says, 'Thank you, dad. That was an experience.'"

Fire crews flew in buckets of water to reach the hot spots Tony and Anthony couldn't reach. It's unclear what sparked the fire.