Quartet of singing cupids share the love around Sequim

SEQUIM, Wash. -- A quartet of cupids leave their significant others every Valentine's Day to share the love in restaurants, retirement homes, and banks.

The singing group Aspire is made of two sisters and their two friends. The ladies harmonize in the car on their way to deliver singing valentines around Sequim.

At the Lodge, an assisted living facility, the foursome searched for Eleanor Forsyth. They found the 85-year-old lunching in the cafeteria with Jim Forsyth, her husband of 62 years. He paid $40 to reserve a singing valentine for his bride.

He'd planned to surprise Eleanor but their apartment is small and she overheard his call to the quartet. But that didn't stop an excited Eleanor from beaming as the singers approached her table and handed her a rose and card and love songs from her husband.

Aspire turned Captain and Tennille's "Love Will Keep Us Together" into a barbershop singing-style crowd pleaser.

The singers charge $20 to make long distance singing calls. Aspire plans to use all the money made delivering love songs to raise money for sheet music and travel to regional competitions.