Prosecutor: No charges in vicious Spanaway pit bull attack

TACOMA, Wash .-- The owner of two pit bulls that viciously mauled a Spanaway woman last year won't face any criminal charges.

On Oct. 30, 2013, Nga Woodhead was walking along Pacific Avenue South in Spanaway when she was attacked by two roaming pit bulls.

A number of people stopped in the middle of the busy street and came rushing to help fight off the dogs. A Marine vet jumped in to grab the dogs and got attacked himself.

Another man who wanted to remain anonymous was next into the fight. He used a passerby's baby stroller to get the dogs off Woodhead.

But witnesses say the dogs remained a threat, so a third man was handed a gun and shot one of the dogs. Sheriff's deputies arrived and shot and killed the second dog.

One week after the attack, Woodhead died suddenly as she was preparing to be discharged from the hospital. She died of a heart attack directly attributable to the attack, the Pierce County medical examiner said at the time.

"We were ready to leave the hospital. They were going to release her. And we were sitting in chairs," Woodhead's husband Chuck said last year. "And we were talking and they were getting the paperwork together at the hospital and all of a sudden it hit her."

He said medical staff tried for 45 minutes to revive her but were unsuccessful.

Pierce County detectives spent two months investigating the incident, but Prosecutor Mark Lindquist announced Friday the investigation "did not yield evidence to support any criminal charges."

Lindquist considered filing felony charges related to owning dangerous dogs, but said those crimes "require prosecutors to prove the owner had prior knowledge the dogs were a danger to others."

He said the investigation didn't support those claims.