Prosecutor: Local children found in Indiana creek drowned

ABERDEEN, Wash. -- Investigators say the two local children found dead in an Indiana creek on Wednesday drowned, but they've yet to say how the mother died.

The remains of 35-year old Jamie Clutter, her 10-year-old son and 6-month old daughter were found in a shallow creek in New Albany, Indiana.

Originally from Aberdeen, the family moved in December when Jaime's husband found a new job in Indiana.

Jamie's father, Bill Pink, said his faith is keeping him going in these dark days.

"I think a person's faith is powerful. Why believe in something that's not going to carry you through things?" he said. "Life can be a real tough situation. We know there's some pretty evil things in this society."

More difficult news came Friday afternoon, when an Indiana prosecutor said investigators have yet to determine Jamie's cause of death. Investigators say all three bodies were found without clothing on, and a baby harness with a Bible inside was in a nearby tree.

Pink believes foul play must have been involved.

"Things don't add up, so to me in my mind, I would definitely say something was awry. Something's wrong," he said.

Pink knows he may never have all the answers about what happened. And even when all the information does come out, he knows it won't bring back his grandchildren or his daughter.

"It's not going to change the fact that you don't have them anymore," he said. "That's the sad part."

Jamie's parents say they want to bring their daughter and grandchildren back to Western Washington for a proper funeral, but they realize it's going to be very expensive. They're just waiting for more information and answers from investigators in Indiana.

At this point, investigators say Jamie's husband, Mike, has been fully cooperating with police.

The Floyd County prosecutor said on Friday he hasn't ruled out the possibility of a murder-suicide. He also said the public has no reason to worry and he doesn't believe there is a killer on the loose.