Prolific smash-and-grab burglar hits more stores along I-5

ARLINGTON, Wash. - The number of victims is growing rapidly as a prolific smash-and-grab burglar continues to target more businesses along Interstate 5 north of Everett, police say.

Police believe at least a dozen businesses have been hit. Officers learned about six more victims Monday night and Tuesday morning, and they say the list will likely grow.

Investigators say the suspect clearly sees surveillance cameras, but continues to steal money and merchandise. He uses a rock to break through glass doors to gain access.

Recycled Biker Stuff manager Bonnie Gillaspie remembers how it felt to first see surveillance video of the man stealing from her.

"Violated - I cried because we take this personal," she says.

All her profits go to a charity called Bikers Against Child Abuse. The burglar also took her daughter's jar of money, she says.

"She just wanted to collect for the foster kittens. She never had a kitten so she wanted to save money to foster a kitten," said Gillaspie.

She and her daughter are among at least a dozen victims. All are businesses near I-5 in Bellingham, Burlington, Mount Vernon or the Arlington areas.

Bonnie is upset about the lost money, but she says he took more.

"Security - it's funny how you feel like windows and doors can keep the bad people out, and someone can be so brazen to throw a big rock and come in and take your stuff," said Gillaspie.

Police describe the suspect as a white stocky man who wears running suits with baggy pants. Surveillance photos are posted above. Police ask you to call if you recognize him.