Pretty Bellingham snow turns to slushy nightmare

BELLINGHAM, Wash. -- The foot of fluffy snow that blanketed Bellingham Sunday turned to a slush, watery mess on Monday.

Thanks to a light rain that fell over most of Whatcom County, storm drains clogged and the weight of heavy snow toppled trees and limbs.

"I think it's because the ground is softening up -- it's melting," said Andrew Powers, who watched two trees fall onto the roof of his home and his roomate's SUV. "He actually just got back last night and I'm frankly surprised he parked it here."

At least one tree fell onto a power line near Western Washington University, but nobody lost electricity. Several trees fell on parked cars and sidewalks. There are no reports of any injuries.

Snowmen everywhere melted and sledding hills reduced to clumps of muddy slush by Monday afternoon.

Schools throughout Whatcom County closed Monday, but there's no word if they'll be closed on Tuesday. The fear is whether or not the temperature causes the slush to freeze overnight.

The Weather Service says snow lingered Monday over the mountains and parts of Eastern Washington.

Forecasters say Washington's weather should turn a little drier and milder by midweek.