'Pretty amazing': Community rallies for paralyzed gymnast

PUYALLUP, Wash. - A young gymnast in need got some special help as she returned home for the first time Sunday - several weeks after she was paralyzed from the chest down.

Her homecoming was made even more special by her community, which donated hundreds of hours of time and work over the past three weeks to remodel her home to accommodate her disability.

"We kind of rallied around this family, and I'm so happy and so amazed to be a part of this effort," said one enthusiastic volunteer. "Really I think it's because of who they are that the community has come together."

The volunteers worked day and night - all for Jacoby Miles.

"We call it 'Team Jacoby' - it's pretty amazing," says a volunteer.

The 15-year-old gymnast was left paralyzed from the mid-chest down after she landed on her neck on a routine dismount off the parallel bars back in November.

The Miles family home underwent an extreme makeover to help Jacoby and her family adjust to her new physical requirements - thanks to generous donations and a lot of community support.

"They'd be the first people to stop and help somebody no matter who you are. And so I think that's a part of all of us wanting to pull together for the family 'cause we just love them so much," says one volunteer.

The renovations include an accessible bedroom and bath for Jacoby - as well as a walk-in closet.

Her bedroom will also have a lift to get her in and out of bed. And the kitchen is stocked with new appliances that can accommodate Jacoby's wheelchair.

There's even a prep sink - because Jacoby loves to bake. A new master bedroom and bath was created for her parents, Gretchen and Jason Miles, who were overcome by emotion at Sunday's big reveal.

Jacoby is the oldest of six children, and doctors say it will be a miracle if she walks again.

"It's a hard road - its a lot of work - and we're seeing that more and more," says Jason.

But this is a family and a community that believes in miracles.

"Honestly, pretty overwhelming, but a pretty amazing site - such a blessing," Jason says.

The addition is 1,300 square feet and worth about $75,000. The garage was also modified to house her new wheelchair-accessible van, which was donated to the Miles family earlier this month.