Pregnant woman injured by would-be Wal-Mart robbers

SPANAWAY, Wash. - Sheriff's detectives say two men in baseball caps were trying to rob a Wal-Mart store, and once caught, injured fellow shoppers to escape.

The Wal-Mart security team spotted the suspects early-on, and tracked them by surveillance cameras.

Detectives say the men had a store receipt, and were wondering the aisles with an empty shopping bag, looking for the listed merchandise so they could then return it for cash.

Security officers figured it out, and tried to direct the men to an office away from customers, but the suspects objected.

The standoff quickly turned physical and the suspects took off, running down customers - including a pregnant woman - on their way out.

"These guys are more dangerous in that they are trying to run a scam, and when they got caught, they were desperate enough to run over people, hurt people, including a pregnant lady, in order to get away," Detective Ed Troyer says.

Cameras didn't capture the pregnant woman getting roughed up, but detectives say the suspects left her injured as they dashed outside to a waiting car.

A getaway driver was waiting for the suspects in the parking lot, and raced off before patrol units arrived.

Detectives say these men were organized, and have likely done this before.