Poulsbo Police beg residents to chip in for new drug-sniffing dog

POULSBO, Wash. -- Poulsbo police are asking residents to chip in and help pay for the war of drugs by buying a new drug-sniffing dog.

Police say heroin use in Poulsbo and surrounding Kitsap County is on the rise. Officers have collected thousands of used hypodermic needles around town in recent weeks, and now they asking for help from the public to stop it.

Police Chief Al Townsend said a new drug dog, which will cost $12,000, would help officers find more drugs and make more arrests during traffic stops and residential search warrants. However, funding woes and budget cuts mean he's forced to find another way to pay for the dog.

"It's just a financial issue for the city, really," he said. "Having the dog come by and run around the car once. It's going to make a difference."

Some local business owners are already pitching in to help pay for the dog. Jim Cecil, owner of Boomer's Pet Boutique in downtown Poulsbo, told police he's willing to help.

"If you guys get a dog, we will supply whatever kind of food you want, forever, as long as we're in business," Cecil said.

Townsend hopes to get a drug dog by spring. He said in the long run, the dog should pay for itself with seized drug money. Anyone interested can donate funds directly to the Poulsbo Police Department.