Possible tornado touches down near Lake Roesiger

SNOHOMISH, Wash. -- Tornadoes are quite rare in Western Washington, but we might have had our second one in just the past week.

A strong storm cell brought light damage to a neighborhood in the Lake Roesiger area east of Lake Stevens Sunday afternoon.

"Sounded like a jumbo jet was coming right across the house," said Nathan Arneson. "A neighbor called me and said, 'we just saw the siding rip off the side of your house.' "

Amanda Arneson described a more surreal scene:

"Just across the street I could see what looked like a funnel cloud," she said. "And I saw (their kids' playhouse) get picked up and go by the window kind of like the Wizard of Oz... It just flew by and hit the ground."

Ryan Delew says he noticed the trees in his neighbor's yard were swaying a bit one way around 3:40 p.m. and then it sounded like an airplane was coming right overhead. "Certainly a rumbling coming... the trees were then bent 30-80 degrees over the other way as the wind hit," Delew said.

He says a bucket in their yard was sent 250 feet into a neighbor's yard, and a patio umbrella ended up in their yard.

A neighbor's home had trees damaged or toppled, including a tree that fell into a shed, a trampoline was flipped and tossed, a few panels of siding were ripped from the home, and the child's outdoor playhouse was in pieces.

Delew said some dogs were outside when the winds hit but they were OK and there were no other injuries.

The National Weather Service is expected to send a storm survey team to the site Monday to determine if the damage was caused by a tornado or perhaps just a downburst of wind.

If confirmed as a tornado, it would be the second one this spring. A very weak EF0 tornado caused minor damage in Eatonville last Sunday.

Washington averages about two tornadoes a year.