Portland firefighters rescue cat, sheep

PORTLAND, Ore. - A sheep stuck in the mud and a cat lost in a crawlspace are now safe after Portland firefighters came to their rescue last week.

Firefighters were called to the Columbia River Slough near the 800 block of Northeast Meadow Drive Saturday at about 9:30 a.m. where a sheep had fallen into the slough.

Firefighters lowered a ladder down the bank to reach the stuck sheep. They then were able to get the sheep out of the mud and back into its pasture.

The sheep was cold and dirty but was otherwise OK, firefighters said.

On Thursday, firefighters in the Hillsdale neighborhood went to a home around the corner from the fire station after Rigby the cat couldn't find his way out of a crawlspace for several days.

Firefighters couldn't find the spot where Rigby had gotten into the crawlspace, so they cut a small hole under the house so he could get out.

While Rigby found the opening, he refused to leave the crawlspace on his own. So firefighters pulled the cat out.

Firefighters say that cats can usually find their way out on their own but because Rigby's owners had just moved in, firefighters decided to cut the hole.