Portland couple accused in death of newborn plead not guilty

PORTLAND, Ore. - The Portland couple charged in the death of their newborn daughter entered not guilty pleas to charges of murder by abuse and manslaughter during their first court appearance Monday.

Jamie and Sarah Mangus' newborn daughter, Krystal, died in April, but police only arrested them last week. Homicide detectives determined she had been born in a North Portland apartment and hadn't received medical attention.

According to court documents, the child lived 12 hours.

In court documents the couple state that they are currently homeless. Sarah Mangus, 29, told authorities that she and her husband have been living in a tent near Northeast Vancouver and Gertz for the past five to six months. Before that, she said they lived in an apartment for six months.

She said she is self-employed and fixes software two to three times per week, court documents said.

According to court documents, she said she uses of meth and marijuana frequently.

Jamie Mangus, 34, declined to answer questions, according to court documents. A look into his background revealed that he was convicted of criminal mischief.

Both of them are set to remain in custody until their trial date Aug. 26.