Portland business promises 'recreational destruction'

PORTLAND, Ore. - There's a new small business in Portland promising "recreational destruction."

Tom Farrenkopf and his company Das Breakroom opened in Boise in April, but have just moved to Portland to find new customers.

The idea behind the business: Pay money to take a whack at old electronics, furniture and dishes stored in a mobile destruction room.

Farrenkopf said the company is only meant to provide a fun time, but some find the smashing therapeutic.

"Destruction is the flip side of the same coin of creation and how creation helps people relax and helps put them at ease, destruction does the same thing," Farrenkopf said.

You're required to wear a hard hat, coveralls and protective eyewear while you're smashing, and you'll have to sign a waiver as well.

Farrenkopf admitted sometimes flying glass and bits of electronics do cut customers.

Farrenkopf said basic packages at Das Breakroom start at $15.