Port Angeles sex offender arrested at Wash. carnival

SEATTLE -- Pacific County deputies arrested a registered sex offender Wednesday when the 51-year-old was found working at a traveling carnival in South Bend.

Philip Curtis Shelly was convicted of first degree child rape in 1998. After spending 11 years in prison, he was forced to register as a level II sex offender, according to deputies. As part of his registration, Shelly cannot have contact with children.

"We received a report from the Department of Corrections that there may be someone working for the carnival at the fair that was a registered sex offender," said Pacific County Sheriff Scott Johnson.

Deputies contacted Shelly and determined he was wanted by the Washington State Department of Corrections on multiple counts of having contact with minor children while working at a booth at the Clallam County Fair the week prior.

Johnson said Shelly's job at the carnival put him in direct contact with small children.

"He was working in a booth that may have allowed him interaction directly with small children, where he would actually pick the children up and place them on the counter at the booth he was in," he said.

The carnival is not required to screen for sex offenders, and that doesn't sit well with some local parents.

"Maybe they should start," said parent Kelly Johnson. "Maybe this is a good reason to start. I mean, they are with kids all day long here."

There's no indication that Shelly harmed any children at the fair and deputies say representatives from the fair may not have been aware of his criminal history.

Shelly, who uses multiple aliases, was arrested and is being held in Pacific County Jail pending extradition.

He's facing several charges in Clallam County for parole violations.