Political tensions boil over during Pacific City Council meeting

PACIFIC, Wash. -- Long-simmering tensions boiled over Monday night inside Pacific City Hall, as angry residents confronted Mayor Cy Sun about what they see as his abuses of power.

The three-hour City Council meeting was so packed that spectators crowed the hallway to listen as speakers took to the podium to demand change.

The small town has been in {A href=""}turmoil for months, and Sun is at the center of the storm. After locking the city clerk out of her office two weeks ago, firing three other department heads and causing two more to quit, many Pacific residents say they've seen enough.

"This is a great little city," one speaker said. "I've lived here 40 years, and you have walked in here and literally torn it apart."

Others were even less diplomatic towards Sun.

"Your bullying, lying, intimidating and threats have destroyed the staff left at the city," another speaker said.

One after another, dissatisfied residents stood up to rail against Sun's leadership. Several called for the mayor to resign, while others spoke about what the ongoing controversy has done to the sleepy little city.

"We are the laughing stock of Western Washington," one resident said.

There was even a question of whether Pacific would lose its insurance because of the chaos and potential litigation.

"There have been some criminal conduct allegations made," said Pacific's city attorney.

Despite the allegations, the council announced Monday night that the insurance would not be canceled.

For his part, Sun refused to back down. He campaigned for the position on the platform of cleaning up city hall, and that's exactly what he believes he's doing.

"I wasn't overstepping my boundaries," he said. "The people were disgusted with the corruption that was going on. I came in to start to clean up the corruption."

During the meeting, Sun squared off with several other city council members. In one heated exchange, a councilman said the city is facing potential litigation because of comments Sun has made. He advised the mayor to stop talking about his performance, to which Sun responded simply, "Okay."

Sun admits he's moving too fast, but only because he's still learning state and city laws. Long time political insiders in the city fear Sun's actions have opened the city up to all sorts of liability.