Political ad gets dirt on opponent from divorce docs

SEATTLE -- A Washington state political action committee has launched a campaign targeting a local representative claiming he's a "deadbeat dad" and "drives his kids while stoned."

The PAC calls itself the New Majority and it's connected to another PAC, The Reagan Fund, established to return the state House to Republican Control. Its first target is Democratic Representative Roger Goodman.

The campaign by the New Majority PAC uses a TV ad, a Facebook page, and even Wikipedia to spread the message.

The ads quote a statement by Goodman's ex-wife during their 2012 divorce, claiming he drives stoned with his kids in the car, stopped filing his income taxes, and is a deadbeat dad failing to pay child support.

"I have never been in trouble with the law and I have never harmed anyone - particularly my family," Goodman said.

The timing is significant: Goodman's volunteers are in full swing, primary ballots are already arriving in mailboxes and the election is just two and a half weeks away.

Goodman denies the ad's claims, and says while he may be fair game as a politician, these ads don't just involve him.

"It's harming my children," he said.

Goodman's opponent, Joel Hussey, says he's not behind the ads. Instead, they're the work of Kevin Carns -- Political Director for The Reagan Fund.

Carns was also behind fake sex offender notices, mailed to voters in 2006, claiming a violent child rapist lived in their community and their representative voted against life sentences for predators.

"When you're in the minority, sometimes you have to scream really loud to have your voice heard," Carns said.

I asked Carns if it was fair to quote divorce documents in the Goodman ad.

"Again, I think Roger's trying to change the subject," Carns said.

Goodman's ex-wife tells KOMO News she's asked that the documents be taken down, but Carns says they are public and he plans to leave them online.

Carns insists he's raising legitimate issues of character and integrity in a public official.

The Goodman campaign believes this will backfire on Republicans.