'Polite' burglar offers trade with homeowners after burglary

BREMERTON, Wash. -- A "polite" but absent-minded burglar got quite the surprise when he broke into a home early Tuesday morning only to find the homeowner was not only there, but armed with a gun.

The homeowners got quite the surprise when the burglar called back later that day, offering to bring back some of the items he stole for items he left behind, police said.

Bremerton officers were called to the home on Pitt Avenue around 3 a.m. for a report of a burglary in progress, said Sgt. Kevin Crane with Bremerton Police. The homeowners told officers they were awakened at the sound of someone inside the home. The homeowner grabbed a gun and yelled "Get out! I have a gun!" to which the burglar replied "Yes, sir!" and ran away, Crane said.

The burglar was gone by the time officers arrived and Crane said a police dog failed to catch the scent. However, the homeowners found that the burglar, in his hasty exit, had left behind a bag of items, including papers that identified the burglar.

Later that afternoon, the burglar called the victims, asking to trade the items he had taken from the home for items he left behind as long as they didn't call police.

He returned to make deal go through, but officers were there waiting and arrested him for investigation of residential burglary, Crane said.

"It's very unusual," Crane said. "I've never seen this happen before where a burglar contacts the victim trying to make a deal to exchange things he left behind for some of the items he stole from the victims."

Crane said the burglar remained polite through the ordeal, even apologizing to the homeowners as he was being arrested.
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