Police: Youths being robbed by knife-wielding 11-year-old

SEATTLE -- An 11-year-old who frequents the Judkins Park skate park threatened multiple youths at knife point last week in an attempt to steal cash and a scooter, according to reports coming out of the Central District.

According to the Seattle Police Department's report for the incident, an 11-year-old in a red T-shirt with a picture of Elmo wearing a gold chain on it approached two youths at the skate park Thursday evening and said to the victim, "Give me that scooter; do you want to get stabbed?"

The 11-year-old pulled out a small knife and waved it at the victim and his friend before grabbing the victim's shirt and asking again if he wanted to get stabbed, according to the report.

The victim later told officers he was able to run away when the 11-year-old let go of his shirt.

The victim's brother told officers his friend was cut by an 11-year-old with a knife the following evening at the skate park, which has only been open for two months.

In that incident, the 11-year-old said to the victim, "Give me your money or I will stab you in the heart," before swiping a knife at him and cutting the back of his hand, according to the report.

Neither the parents of the first victim's friend nor the guardian of the second victim wanted to speak to police about the incidents.

The 11-year-old reportedly hangs out daily at the skate park with another kid his age.