Police: Youth points gun at Metro bus driver, pulls the trigger

SEATTLE -- "Yeah, it's a gun. I'm about to shoot your [expletive]."

Those were the words heard by a Metro bus driver Saturday night in West Seattle right before a young man pointed a gun at him and pulled the trigger, according to the Seattle Police Department.

According to the police report for the incident, around 9:30 p.m. the driver pulled up to a bus stop in the 5200 block of Delridge Way Southwest where three youths were waiting and smoking.

The driver opened the door, but the youths made no move to get on the bus. When the driver spotted one of the youths holding what looked like a silver revolver by his waist, he asked if it was a gun.

According to the report, the youth replied that it was a gun and threatened to shoot the driver. The youth then reportedly pointed the gun directly at the driver and pulled the trigger multiple times, resulting in a series of clicks.

The driver, afraid for his life, drove away and called 911. When officers arrived eight minutes later, the driver was still shaken and breathing hard.

A passenger on the bus told officers he knew two of the young men, including the one with the gun, from football a few years earlier and gave officers their names. He said the gun looked real but was probably a toy.

A second passenger confirmed seeing one of the youths point the gun at the driver and pull the trigger.

Officers were unable to find the three young men.

Seattle Police Det. Mark Jamieson said the case has been assigned to a detective for continuing investigation.